Wk 1 GLAMFA Evan Trine- Claremont Graduate University


On thursday in Art 110, we got a chance to explore and look into the art galleries for the 10th Annual GLAMFA.It was actually my first time visiting an art gallery there were many pieces i found confusing and there were some that really caught my eye.There were many pieces that i found interesting.Me personally love an art with different colors and thats something that really caught my eye in the room. This art really seemed interesting and was full of different abstract colors.

The way that Evan describes this piece that he realm the photographic imagine by mixing it with various abstract painting to the point where it doesn’t seem real photograph anymore and no evidence of the really imagine which seems really interesting and connects with todays society and the media how they try to cover up the real imagine to the exact where there is no evidence of the actually picture.Overall there were many great pieces but i really loved this one and hope to see more pieces like this in the future.

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