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For Week 2 activity for Art110 everyone was asked to post 4 pictures with the hashtag #art110f14 on Instagram.I also posted 4 pictures of mine I’m not a professional photographer and don’t usually take pictures like that but it was a fun activity to do.The four pictures i took different was different activities i did through out my day.For my 4 pictures i actually started it the picture of my commute to the school during the cloudy weather and my 2nd picture was a picture of me during the week of welcome i loved my 3rd picture because i got to capture hundreds of students together at the week of welcome and it was a amazing shot and my caption was loads of people yet some of us still feel lonely.Some people really had some amazing pictures. This activity was cool because I got to see how different people take pictures and i got to find out different personalities but even though most of us are from a different background many of us had same idea and go by the same situations of their day.Overall i really enjoyed doing this activity and hope to do something similar in the future.

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