This week we got a chance to see some really awesome and mind blowing art by van vavrek unfortunately he wasn’t there due to some family emergency but we got a chance to see the mind blowing art his art pieces was all over the room and it was so cool to see everything and going through the dark room.I believe his idea behind this art is most likely linked with the technology and the everyday things we cant live without the TVs and the computer and how everything is changing everyday and how when the new technology comes people usually dont care about the old one there were keyboards and monitors. “through the frantic Tandy creaminess the viewer is left with a summary of the darkness of our culture i draw upon electronic waste, consumer culture, and vintage pop culture to create new meanings ” -Vav Vavrek one of the quote from van varek which i believe explains his art work.

IMG_2602 IMG_2609 IMG_2606

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