Week 6: Artists – Angel G. Franco, Isaiah Ulloa, and Juan Martin

IMG_2838 IMG_2840 IMG_2852

This weeks art gallery was really cool and fascinating the first thing i saw when i got to the gallery was the snow type theme it was snow on the floor which was cool and i believe this gallery was by far the best one out of all the ones we been to before.The snow looked real, as well as the man covered in it. Looking at the artist work really made me think about the art and i believe one reason was how the guy in the snow was layout and how he was so perfectly made.And the one more thing that really caught my eye was the mannequin with a flannel shirt and the face of a deer which i believe all the classmates found really interesting because it looked like a human but his face was a deer to me it seemed like a hunter.It was a really cool and attractive piece and everyone was trying to take a picture of it.The idea is really simple a deer posing as a Hollister model it had the element of a jungle and a human. 

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