Wk 6 : Activity-French girls

French Girls is an app that lets your take selfies and draw next to everyones selfie. You upload a selfie and wait for someone to draw you and then you get the chance to draw everyone else who has uploaded their selfie for this week activity we had to do that so i downloaded the app (even though i really suck at drawing) i actually liked using the app and making different drawing of people it was a fun experience,some of the work was actually really funny and i tried to get a laugh out of it too i drew some of the selfies and as i said i suck at drawing i tried my best to do the drawing but i wasn’t so successful.I believe the beauty of this app is that no one really judges you and you can practice your drawing skills

IMG_2904 IMG_2905IMG_2910

These are some of my selfies and as you can see not everyone did a good job this app is actually for fun and to have good time.

IMG_2909   IMG_2907 IMG_2908

Some of the art pieces i tried and as you can see im not too good with the drawing.

Overall i believe this activity was really fun and i actually enjoyed drawing even though i dont like it it was fun and i would recommend to visit their website .



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