Extra Credit Post: Activity

My three favorite activity for this are

1. Landscape With A Corpse (Week 10): It a pretty unique activity and simply amazing i really enjoyed doing and actually thinking about it was great to see how many ideas come to your mind

2. Graffiti Week 7-This was also one of my favorite activity because of the fact that i got a chance to go to venice and actually go it and see how it works and how so many talented people got there..trust me its like a whole new world there.

3.Instagram: How can i forget that i loved that one probably one the best social media activity that can relate to this class really enjoyed it

My 3 Least favorite

1. Plaster casting-I personally didn’t enjoy that one even though it was fun to go to the beach and do the paster but i wasn’t successful and i believe it was kind of a drag to go to the beach with all the supplies

2.E-Portfolio (Week 8)- I couldn’t really understand this activity and it was a good point to organize your site but i dont think it should be a part of an activity.

3.Drawing (Week 6)-it was a great idea of getting the app and doing the drawing but i dont think it really worked out well with everyone

Other feedback

To be honest this is seriously like the best class at CSULB i loved this class so much i was actually so excited for this class ever since i singed up for it and until this day i love doing all the activities and enjoy how glen teaches the class it just awesome.

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