Week 12 Activity -Teach One

I was little confused for this weeks activity because i wasn’t sure of what to talk about or teach my audience but after thinking about it for a little while i thought since iam good with technology and things like that i can teach people how to fix your phone if you accidentally drop in water or something so it had happened to me before and iam sure some of us had experience it or know someone you drop you phone in the water or toilet or instance so the best thing to do is that first you should take out your battery since the water goes in it will mess it up more and then you should open your phone and put it in a zip lock or any kind of bag with a mug full of rice and just leave it there for few hours until all the water gets soaked and when you take it out and put your battery back in your phone will start working i have actually tried it before so if in the future you see someone who dropped their phone in the water or you dropped yours try that before thinking about getting a new phone.


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