This was by far the most unique and attractive piece of the galleries on Thursday when i first saw it i couldn’t believe it.This piece really caught my attention and i knew i didn’t wanna do any other one it was like a combination of different legos and pieces and i never knew that you could actually form these types of object using just small instruments although i did have a little hard time figuring few of them out if just really appeal to me and i knew there is a deep meaning behind it.I shouldve tried harder but i didnt Even Wesley, in his artist statement states that “[he] creates art of an unknown origin”,so this work really connected to you.


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Week 10 Classmate interview -Victor kan

i ran into victor kan for this weeks.Victor is a really chill and humble kid he’s currently a junior at CSULB which was hard to believe for me because i thought he was like a freshmen he looks really young(if you have seen victor you would know) he is a business major just like me which is one common thing about us but he is a management major and I’m accounting major. He lives off campus with his parents and loves long beach and just looking forward to the day he graduates since the long beach saying is “graduation starts today” lol anyways it was fun running into victor click here for his profile.IMG_3100

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Week 10-activity Landscapes with a Corpse

So this week activity was hands down the best one we had to do a corpse of yourself  being death or something and for this assignments i actually had many different option like :car accident , robbery but the one i chose was being robbed and stabbed by a knife so i took the picture in my bedroom since i could imagine being robbed from my back window which I’m always worrying about and the knife i told my sister to take the picture but overall it was great activity.

IMG_3152 IMG_3154

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Week 10 Artist Interview-ALMIRA NIKRAVESH

For this week artist interview i decided to do Almira nikravesh about her art piece of stack with 100s of pennies my first impression when i first walk in the gallery was saw something really shiny on the floor and i didn’t know what it was until i went close to it and found out that it was big stack of pennies and it wasn’t glued to anything so it seems like he had stacked them on the floor right there but it was tons of pennies if only i had a chance to know much is that on the floor if i would have to take a guess i would say about $100 so thats about 10000 pennies which is awesome and best piece i have ever seen.


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Week 9 activity- Vlog

This week we did a vlog for this weeks activity introducing ourselves and tell about the website and how people can reach you which is similar to the E-portfolio and its really interesting helps the people going on your website and gives them an idea about you.In my video i did the same i just introduced myself and then help my audience by giving them details about myself.here is the vlog

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Week 9 classmate interview-Yessenia Chavez

This week I ran into Yessenia chavez and got to interview her it was fun Yessenia  is 19 year old from Downey and freshmen at csulb the reason she’s attending csulb because she wanted to stay close to her house and Csulb is  pretty close to her house.her major is undecided right now but she is really motivated and  wants to succeed in life.One common thing about us is that we both have same nutrition class.Since she is freshmen she has school everyday and also taking a communications class.Overall it was fun running into her.Hope to see her in future..


Heres her website if you wanna check it out :http://yeseniachavez.com/

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Week 9 Artists-Salon des Refusés

This week the art really caught my was the one with Mc Donald’s haha thats how i remember it.It was really unique and weird to see the burger and fries around it actually made me little hungry i was like damn i wish i could have that burger right now.he food has been there for at least a week now.so it was really nice to see that i used to actually go to mc donalds but then i stopped because i was trying to lose some weight but then it hunt me back and i then i started going again overall i also saw some picture with chains around which was also really nice.

IMG_3033 IMG_3031

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WK 8 -E-Portfolio


I didnt do a before picture because i forgot to take it but i fixed up my website today and made it more simple and more organized as you can see i added few pages in there and now its clear that im a long beach student and then i have few other taps so its not just art 110 website but my blog website.For this week’s activity, I had to do some changes to my Art 110 website. Before, my site was all posts about the art activities, artist interviews, and classmate interviews I did.Now its much different. My about me section  was empty and didn’t have any information about me now i added that and some more section so it makes it simpler for everyone.

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WK 8- Branden Saito

This week i got a chance to meet branden he was really laid back person and got to talk to him for a while he is a information system major and goes to csulb .Branden is also really involve in campus which i want to get in he is in the Alpha Kappa psi fraternity which i believe is a business frat he was telling me how theyre going to be visiting the good headquarters pretty soon.

It was really cool to meet him most of our conversation was about his frat because i really want to join it now i got their facebook page from branden so i could check it out later.We both agreed that the descriptions on the art pieces are really helpful with what we have to write about and how we are able to understand the painting more.


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WK 8 Artist Interview- Chris Linquata

This week i checked out all the 3 artists gallery which was related to painting it really caught my attention and i fell in love with the beautiful art and drawing i couldn’t believe someone would be this talented and how could they paint so perfect it looked so real to me like it was awesome.Michael when i talked to him says he does art pieces to based on what he sees throughut the city on a daily basis, he tries to capture light, color, poses, figures, and composition to depict what he is going for and has a pretty unique set of style which i believe works for him really well. CSULB gallery this year. All the work were paintings of the  of beautiful colors. The moment I walked into the  gallery, her paintings immediately caught my eyes.paintings represent tranquility and peace


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