Week 15 Classmate interview -Brandon

Brandon middleton my final classmate interview it was a great time interviewing you although it was like a 3 way interview my other friend jose came in while i was interviewing  brandon and decided he would interview him as well maybe because brandon seemed like a pretty chill dude he is like beast in basketball *as per brandon* he is a second year just like me and his major is communication although he said he doesn’t really enjoy public speaking but he loves this major and want to pursue his degree it was really nice interviewing brandon and was fun to get to know his after our conversation he invited me to play basketball with him and i beat him really bad lol better luck next time brandon.

Check out brandon :https://brandonmcsulb.wordpress.com/


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Week 15 -Artist : Troy Rounseville

AHH ! so this is my last post for this class it was such a good ride through the semester loved meeting so many awesome people,doing so many great activities and seeing such great exhibitions all comes to an end and here i am writing the final artist interview so for the last week. It was a great exhibition this week full of fun and awesome stuff it was all based on music and all the music equipments,The art works by Troy Rounseville was both different and unique, as it is something I have never seen before and something the one best piece i loved was the mirror i could tell that the artist truly loves music and his art work overall it was awesome to see this exhibition.

IMG_3335 IMG_3337

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WEEK 13 Classmate interview- Greg violan

Its sad that the semester and coming to an end this is probably like one of the last person i would actually got to interview through out the whole semester finding a partner was really fun and something we wouldn’t do on regular bases it was like going out of our comfort zone for some people anyway before i get carried away lets talk about this weeks interview so this week i came across a really nice guy ..greg he is a second year major at long beach and majoring in computer science (which i told him was like my first option) he wants to do this major because he has alot of interest in computer and been had interest in computers growing up so on his time free time greg likes to study and play video games he actually love computer games and FPS (first person shooter) and just like me he commutes to campus it was really nice running into greg hopefully might see him in the future.


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WEEK 13 -Drawing and painting

This weeks gallery consisted of many different paintings and most of them were painting with oil paint and really nicely done i actually liked almost all of them the on i really like which was like my top favorite (i actually instagramed it) and even my friend enjoyed it.it is a painting by Carlos Sierra its a painting of a girl smoking i love the details on it ..its done so well and with that you can actually see the smoke and everything which is super cool because i could only imagine the time it took on that painting there were many other different painting but this one was far the best and stood out to me.


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Extra Credit Post: Activity

My three favorite activity for this are

1. Landscape With A Corpse (Week 10): It a pretty unique activity and simply amazing i really enjoyed doing and actually thinking about it was great to see how many ideas come to your mind

2. Graffiti Week 7-This was also one of my favorite activity because of the fact that i got a chance to go to venice and actually go it and see how it works and how so many talented people got there..trust me its like a whole new world there.

3.Instagram: How can i forget that i loved that one probably one the best social media activity that can relate to this class really enjoyed it

My 3 Least favorite

1. Plaster casting-I personally didn’t enjoy that one even though it was fun to go to the beach and do the paster but i wasn’t successful and i believe it was kind of a drag to go to the beach with all the supplies

2.E-Portfolio (Week 8)- I couldn’t really understand this activity and it was a good point to organize your site but i dont think it should be a part of an activity.

3.Drawing (Week 6)-it was a great idea of getting the app and doing the drawing but i dont think it really worked out well with everyone

Other feedback

To be honest this is seriously like the best class at CSULB i loved this class so much i was actually so excited for this class ever since i singed up for it and until this day i love doing all the activities and enjoy how glen teaches the class it just awesome.

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Week 12 interview -Jose Lara

So for this weeks interview i got to say hi to one of my old friends and actually my really close friend now we actually went to the same high school together and then same colleges so its pretty cool to have jose in my art class we both are business major and i actually want to rush for the same frat he is rushing for so that is pretty nice  we have many things in common we also have many common friends jose is a pretty cool dude and its fun to hangout with him so in the future if anyone gets a chance to see jose dont hesitate to say whats up to him hes pretty nice.


check out jose’s website: http://josecruzsite.com/

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WEEK 12 ARTIST -Timothy Cooper

Very impressive art work this week i got a chance to see timothy talented work for this weeks art gallery for this week gallery when i went to the room i saw big art piece which covered probably the whole room and it seemed like plates i am not sure how many but it was more than 100+ plates and it seemed like a cross sign or a plus sign it made me think outside the box and about the young age and how could it relate to my life it made me realize that life is just objects as well it all depends on how to shape them and want to live your life meaning that life is just consists of many challenges and hurdles and its up to you how you want to shape it. I believe Timothy did a great job on this piece img_2297

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Week 12 Activity -Teach One

I was little confused for this weeks activity because i wasn’t sure of what to talk about or teach my audience but after thinking about it for a little while i thought since iam good with technology and things like that i can teach people how to fix your phone if you accidentally drop in water or something so it had happened to me before and iam sure some of us had experience it or know someone you drop you phone in the water or toilet or instance so the best thing to do is that first you should take out your battery since the water goes in it will mess it up more and then you should open your phone and put it in a zip lock or any kind of bag with a mug full of rice and just leave it there for few hours until all the water gets soaked and when you take it out and put your battery back in your phone will start working i have actually tried it before so if in the future you see someone who dropped their phone in the water or you dropped yours try that before thinking about getting a new phone.


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This week i got to interview bun law and we got along really quick because of basketball we both love basketball and we both are fan of Carmelo Anthony who is employed by the New York Knickerbockers of the National Basketball Association.Although im a laker fan i go love Carmelo.

Bun is a freshmen at long beach and hoping to pursue his film career here at long beach he is also working with his parents trying to help them rent the houses and stuff for the international students which is really nice and he commutes to long beach everyday but he loves that since he works and stuff overall if was really fun talking to bun and hope we meet again in the semester.

Here is his website check him out :http://bunlaw15.wordpress.com/


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For this week we had to chose one of our activity that we would wanna do and i quickly knew what i was going to do so for this week i did like a photography type of thing since i love to take pictures of the nature i thought why not do that as an activity so i took some beautiful shots and just from my iphone although they look all hd.

IMG_3118 IMG_3109 IMG_2429 IMG_2723

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